CA Legacy Homes

Affordable housing is critical for individuals with developmental disabilities and limited incomes.  Many adults live in family homes for as long as possible, and then (upon death or disability of a surviving parent) are forced to move, often to family members not fully prepared for this new responsibility. This move interferes with established relationships, community integration, access to supports and other valued outcomes.

Non-profit housing coalitions and Regional Center partners throughout California have collaborated on various projects including the California Legacy Homes (CLH) program.  CLH provides a vital option for interested families by encouraging the gifting of real property to non-profit housing coalitions – all within the framework of maximum choice, independence, and meeting the needs and aspirations of the adult with developmental disabilities.  This group’s strong collaborative effort has led to a solid foundation from which to build this proposed program.  The primary goals of CLH are to assist individuals & families to identify their future housing needs and plan for successful transition.  Housing workshops and training follow a standard curriculum, modified to address the specific housing markets throughout the state.

While CLH’s broad goal is to provide housing workshops and support to adults with developmental disabilities, we recognize that some families are interested in leaving a legacy, beyond the life of a disabled loved one, so that accessible, high-quality affordable housing is created and maintained in perpetuity for adults with developmental disabilities.  Beyond the immediate, present-day impact, CLH has the potential to reach into the future and serve those children born today with developmental disabilities.  When that child reaches adulthood, there will be more available affordable homes in the inventory of the CLH collaborating agencies organizations because of our efforts today—this will be our collective legacy.

HCEB is proud to be a part of CLH, and we are encouraged by the real property donations and discussions with new families.  We currently own three trust-funded properties that are deed-restricted to low-income individuals with developmental disabilities, housing a total of 8 individuals.

If you are interested in learning more about CLH or about planning for your child’s future housing needs through a trust, please contact Executive Director Darin Lounds at 510-832-1382 ext. 104.